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General Requirements for Rent in New York City:

  • Approved countries with missions / consulates in the United States
  • Country can not be on the US watch list and or terror list
  • On Average the income requirement for residing tenant is 40X the monthly rent (example: 6,000/ month rent you need to show income of $240,000 per Year)
  • Allowed to combine incomes of husband & wife
  • Letter of employment – signed by Ambassador or has the Mission Stamp & Seal
  • Proof of residency history in English
  • Copy of your passport
  • Proof of U.S Bank Account
  • Copy of bank statement showing at least 6 months rent in the bank
  • Letter from current landlord if currently residing in the US

In some cases landlords or unit owners may consider renting out the unit without waiving immunity but may require extra security up-front.

*** Please note these are just general & basic requirements. Every Condo board, Co-Op board, management company, and landlord have their own set of requirements to qualify a perspective tenant. Please contact an agent for specific buildings and managementscompanies.

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